Registration Certificate of DYAT

Registration Certificate of Divyashakti Yogapeeth Akhada Trust

Divyashakti Yogapeeth Akhada (popolarly known as Maheshwari Akhada) is a non profit organisation here to support Maheshwaris across all world. Premsukh Sabu (popolarly known as Premsukhanand Maheshwari) founded the Divyashakti Yogapeeth Akhada Trust for various social activities such as spiritual development, health, welfare and organise, consolidate the Maheshwari society and to serve, protect the Maheshwari culture (Maheshwaritv).

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  1. Hi,
    I have gone through from Maheshwari Mahasabha Wiki page and found there are 2 peoples from Maheshwari community got Maheshwari Ratna award. In that first one is Seth Damodar Rathi. I have some information about them I request you to please add this information to portal so that people can read this information and it will help full to connect out community people with this portal.

    I have tried to contact you but unable to contact you, can you please contact me at

    Keval Rathi